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“I have been wanting to tell you how grateful I am to you and the staff there at Beauty Redefined. You helped me with my decision to get my eyebrows tattooed. I have truly loved the new freedom of this. You guys are great!”
- Sissie Turner
Crossville, TN
October 2015
“What a great experience I had at your beautiful Med Spa and Salon. You are truly an artist! I am so happy with my eyebrow definition! Such a pristine setting in all aspects. Thank you for informing me of all the steps of the procedure and after care. Everyone at your Salon was professional and welcoming. I look forward to enjoying another great experience in your dedicatedly expert care.”
- Manya Pirkle
May 2015
“In May, 2006, Kim did an excellent procedure of applying my upper and lower eyeliner. My consultation is what really got me excited. I was unaware of all the color choices and how she totally customized it to compliment my eyes. She was very professional and concerned about keeping me comfortable throughout the entire procedure. The only regret I have is that I did not do this sooner!”
- Kim Rayl
“I am writing to tell you how thrilled I am with the permanent make-up you did for me on July 25th. When I went back to Virginia for my retirement party, I received many compliments from all the ladies in my office. I only wish I had done this during my work years. The time it saves me every morning is unbelievable. I also do water aerobics and never have to worry about my eye make-up running. Before you did my eyebrows and my eyeliner, my eyes were almost invisible. I almost never went anywhere without make-up. That is not the case anymore. Since you did my lips, I think I’ve worn lipstick twice. Now I just apply lip gloss and the color shines through. Thanks again for my beautiful new permanent make-up. The little bit of pain and healing time were definitely worth the effort.”
- Christine S. Kencitzski
“I first met Kim in June, 2007. I heard about her from a friend and checked out some of the work she did. I was pleased at what I saw and scheduled an appointment. Kim was very pleasant and immediately put any of my fears to rest as she worked diligently to get the correct colors for my eyebrows, lips, and eyeliner. I get MANY compliments and am VERY happy with the results. Kim is very professional and hi-tech with her work, and she keeps in contact to make sure everything is okay. I think of Kim as a friend and recommend her highly.”
- Judy Gladden
“As a young, unthinking 19 year old Marine, I made an ill-advised decision to get a vampire-bite tattoo on the side of my neck. At 19, the tattoo seemed edgy and cool. At nearly 40, it was a constant and embarrassing reminder of my ignorant youth. I saw how that the tattoo held me back professionally as well as socially. A tattoo on the neck or face area many times carries a stigma of a criminal past or current lifestyle.


As I began to move from the regret phase of my tattoo decision and into the action phase I decided to use an "at home tattoo remover" which was supposed to gradually fade the tattoo by basically sanding layers of skin from my neck. Needless to say, this method had absolutely no effect on the tattoo.


After that failed (and costly) experiment, I began to look for laser tattoo removal services in the Knox County & East TN region. All I could find were surgical procedures that were very costly and no one would even begin to quote a starting price range over the phone. All other laser options were located in Nashville, TN or in Atlanta, Georgia areas.


Finally, I was able to locate at Beauty Redefined Med Spa & Salon in Oak Ridge. They were able to provide a laser tattoo removal at a comfortable and reasonable price. Once I began the removal process, it was easy to see the professionalism and expertise gained through training and use of the equipment. My huge mistake has been completely removed without any scarring, losing of the melon in my skin or other marks on my neck. I would highly recommend to anyone with a regrettable tattoo that they waste no time contacting them. I am very pleased with the results I received at Beauty Redefined Med Spa & Salon.”

- Chris J.
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