Customized Facials

Customized Facials

Customized Facials
Classic European Facial
European Deep Pore Facial
Glycolic Facial (softens fine lines)

Additional and Add-On Facial Treatments
Concentrated DNA
Concentrated Elastin
Concentrated Collagen
Ionized Concentrated Galvanic Current Treatments

Classic European Facial: A revitalizing treatment that begins with deep cleansing followed by gentle exfoliation to reveal smooth, glowing skin. A face,neck, shoulder, decollete, arm, and hand massage is certain to ease your mind and spirit. A revitalizing masque followed by a nutrient-rich moisturizer hydrates, protects, and restores the skin’s natural balance.


European Deep Pore Facial: This intensive treatment uses galvanic and high frequency together to provide key skin benefits. We will address specific skin concerns and achieve long-lasting results. If needed, extractions will follow before the face and neck are revived with a gentle massage.


Glycolic Facial: This facial is designed to remove several layers of dead skin cells resulting in softer lines and smoother texture of the skin. This treatment benefits sun-damaged, finely-lined, and acne-prone skin. It starts with a deep cleansing and then an application of glycolic peel followed by a soothing thermal masque. Steam and extractions also follow if needed. Visible improvement in skin texture and overall appearance is significant in only a few weeks. A regular treatment series and a home regime are recommended for optimal results.


Skin Brightening Facial with Red **IPL: This facial is targeted towards balancing areas of uneven pigmentation due to hormonal imbalance, UV exposure, and pregnancy by helping to regulate melanin production. Customized serums and masques are followed by 10 to 15 minutes of a red IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment. Combining regular professional visits with a scrupulous home regimen, including sun protection, will provide phenomenal results.


Environmental Control Facial with Red **IPL: This facial is intended for red, inflamed, or itchy skin. Super soothing cleansing will remove impurities from the skin followed by a calming oatmeal masque to instantly calm redness and reduce inflammation. Specialized serums for sensitive skin are also included and are followed by 10 to 15 minutes of a red IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment. Note: Intense Pulsed Light therapy is also called Photo Rejuvenation because science has shown that our cells are photo-receptive. The light is transmitted through the dermis, the cutaneous layer, and causes cellular activity. This stimulation increases collagen and elastin production. As the cells continuously activate, the collagen comes to the surface, filling in fine lines and wrinkles. It is a pain-free way to erase the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, sun damage, stretch marks, scars, broken capillaries, acne, coarse skin, large pores, and other age-produced flaws. A recommended series of sessions will be recommended upon the initial consultation for optimal benefits and results.


Medicated Clearing Facial with Blue ***IPL: This treatment is the ultimate “acne management” because it targets current blemishes while helping to prevent future breakouts. It focuses on purifying the skin with deep-cleansing, exfoliation, customized acne acid treatments, and extractions. A specialized hydrating masque will follow 10 – 15 minutes of a blue IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment. Shaving habits are taken into consideration to help prevent ingrown hairs and other skin problems unique to men. Note: The Blue IPL treatment gets at the core of what causes acne eruptions: P. acnes, the bacterial responsible for causing acne inflammation, pumps out tiny molecules called porphyrins. When those porphyrins are exposed to certain wavelengths of light, they produce free radicals that kill bacteria. Without P. acnes around to cause inflammation, acne clears up. A recommended series of sessions will be recommended upon the initial consultation for optimal benefits and results.

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