Teeth Whitening

"Absolute WHITE" Teeth Whitening System

Your Teeth Can Be Up to 7 Shades Whiter in Only 30 Minutes
In-Office Professional Teeth Whitening
Take-Home Whitening Maintenance Kit (offered after in-house treatments)

Absolute  WHITE” Teeth Whitening treatments are safe, affordable and effective!



The gel contains a “Carbamide Peroxide” versus a “Hydrogen Peroxide.” (Hydrogen peroxide breaks down faster than carbamide peroxide thus resulting in the carbamide peroxide a better result over the course of a 30-minute treatment versus a 20-minute treatment of the hydrogen peroxide.  It is the breakdown of carbamide to peroxide that creates oxidization on the surface of teeth which is how the enamel becomes whiter.  Oxidization works on the surface of the enamel to lift stains and does not make your teeth more porous.  It is safe and does not create sensitivity; however, repeated exposure can begin to create sensitivity.   Consumers can expect to receive 2-7 shades whiter ON AVERAGE depending upon their use of coffee, tea, soda, red wine or nicotine.  Results are immediate!  Sensitivity is kept to a minimum because satisfactory results can be achieved in a shorter period of time.  Drinking staining beverages through a straw helps minimize the staining effect on enamel.  Also, rinsing or drinking more water throughout the day also can help increase the amount of time the whitening effects last.  On average treatments can last 6-12 months can be repeated every 6-12 months or whenever desired.  The less frequent – the better – to avoid any increased tooth sensitivity.  



"Absolute WHITE" offers safe, affordable and effective teeth whitening and treatments can be administered outside of a dental office since the percentage of peroxide is low. Thus, a “gum barrier” or “gum damn” does not need to be present since the likelihood of damage to gums is non-existent.  It is a “cosmetic” treatment not a treatment that needs to be administered under the supervision of a dental provider.  Treatments are also offered in package pricing.



Expectation is 1-6 shades lighter per treatment.  Multiple treatments can be performed to increase results.  Ideally if someone has not whitened their teeth or hasn’t whitened for quite some time, it is normal to want to do anywhere from 2-7 treatments to achieve the desired result within a 1-2 week period.



Although walk-ins are always welcome it is not always possible to provide the service without an appointment.  A private treatment room is provided with dim lighting for an assured relaxing experience.  Or, if desired; treatments can also be provided on site when receiving other services (processing of hair services, pedicures, etc.) in order to save time for the client.


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