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Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal

Before & Post 3 Treatments

Before Tattoo Removal
Post 3 Treatments

Before & Post 1 Treatment

Before Tattoo Removal
Post 1 Treatments

Customer Testimony


As a young, unthinking 19 year old Marine, I made an ill-advised decision to get a vampire-bite tattoo on the side of my neck. At 19, the tattoo seemed edgy and cool. At nearly 40, it was a constant and embarrassing reminder of my ignorant youth. I saw how that the tattoo held me back professionally as well as socially. A tattoo on the neck or face area many times carries a stigma of a criminal past or current lifestyle.


As I began to move from the regret phase of my tattoo decision and into the action phase I decided to use an "at home tattoo remover" which was supposed to gradually fade the tattoo by basically sanding layers of skin from my neck. Needless to say, this method had absolutely no effect on the tattoo.


After that failed (and costly) experiment, I began to look for laser tattoo removal services in the Knox County & East TN region. All I could find were surgical procedures that were very costly and no one would even begin to quote a starting price range over the phone. All other laser options were located in Nashville, TN or in Atlanta, Georgia areas.


Finally, I was able to locate at Beauty Redefined Med Spa & Salon in Oak Ridge. They were able to provide a laser tattoo removal at a comfortable and reasonable price. Once I began the removal process, it was easy to see the professionalism and expertise gained through training and use of the equipment. My huge mistake has been completely removed without any scarring, losing of the melon in my skin or other marks on my neck. I would highly recommend to anyone with a regrettable tattoo that they waste no time contacting them. I am very pleased with the results I received at Beauty Redefined Med Spa & Salon.


- Chris J.

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